Pembroke Florida Locksmith

Covering All Your Locksmith Needs Since 1998

Our company has been successfully upgrading security in properties all over Pembroke Pines, Florida, for over a decade. We specialize in burglar-proofing homes, by using top notch locks and security systems. Just a glance at our installations is enough to deter a burglar from even considering breaking into your home.

Emergency Help 24/7

If you are in emergency need of locksmith services, because of lock-outs, lost keys or similar circumstances, just call us at:

(786) 563-4550

We will immediately send someone over to assist you in regaining access to your property.
You can call us at any time of the day or night, since we cover emergencies 24/7, ensuring that nobody ever stays locked out for too long. Your safety and well being is our prime concern.


Offering a Large Variety of Services

Aside from the typical lock repairs and installations, we handle a plentitude of other locksmith related jobs.

Our experts are also experienced in:
• Repairing Almost Any Type of Safe
• Removing Security Car Clubs
• Extracting Broken Keys from Car Locks/Ignition
• Fixing Car Locks
• Laser Cutting Car Keys
• Installing Security Systems
• Re-Keying Locks
• Master Key Systems

If it has to do with property security we’re the people to call and help you!

Free Counseling

We are eager to help our potential customers find out exactly what they want and need, when it comes to property security. If you aren’t certain of how safe your home/business is and you want to get expert’s advice, call us at:

(786) 563-4550

One of our best professionals will be on the line with you shortly and give you all the information about brands, uses and pricing for various security applications for your home or commercial space.