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Receive the Best Locksmith Service in Pembroke Pines

Our company offers a very extensive selection of services that cover almost every aspect of property security and lock repair/installations. We work with residential and commercial spaces, as well as with cars.

Emergency Services

It is a common occurrence that people lose their keys or get accidentally locked out of their property. In such cases don’t hesitate to call us at any time at:

(786) 563-4550

One of our experts will be with you shortly and solve your problem as quickly as humanly possible.24-7-Locksmith-Austin-TX


Automotive Services

We’re very experienced in handling all your car locksmith needs. Car locks and keys break quite easily and car dealerships often charge high prizes for repairs and new key copies.

That’s where we can help you, by offering the same services, for just a fraction of the price the car dealership charges.

Here’s what we can do for you:
• Extract Broken Key from Ignition or Locks
• Repair or Replace Broken Car Door and Trunk Locks
• Laser Cut Car Keys (and Transponder Keys)
• Remove Security Car Clubs

We work faster and more efficiently than your car dealership, without so much as a scratch to your vehicle.

Residential Services

Ensuring that the security of your home is high enough to deter burglars is our primary concern. Burglars most often target homes that have old or rusty locks. Most locks are weak enough to be ‘key bumped’. Key bumping is a very effective burglary method that renders most locks useless within seconds.

This is why at Pembroke Florida Locksmith you will find only quality locks that are impossible to be key bumped and will deter burglars from invading your property.

Our many services include:
• Re-Keying Locks
• Repairing and Replacing Locks
• Installing Master Key Systems
• High Security Locks
• Dead Bolt Locks
• Door Knob Locks

With a simple call to

(786) 563-4550

one of our experts can give you full information on what our services will cost you and how quickly we can install your desired lock system.

Commercial Services

Business Security is one of our specialties. Our team is very experienced in installing many types of security devices and lock systems that will make it near impossible to break into your commercial space. We’ll give you the tools that offer you full access control. This way you can determine who enters and leaves your business.

We offer the following Commercial Services:
• Commercial Lock Repair and Replacement
• Commercial Lock Re-Key
• Safe Repairs (We Specialize on Most Models)
• High Security Systems and Locks
• Access Control Systems
• Buzzer and Intercom Installations
• Digital Control Card Installation
• Digital Control Keypad Installation

Burglars will think twice before breaking into your business after we’re done installing your new security devices!

Call us at

(786) 563-4550

and ensure that nobody breaks into your property ever again!Commercial-locksmith